school time is almost near

Oh, how quickly the month of May has passed us by! I would have wanted it not to end yet since the start of June is already a hint that school time is almost near. While I am excited for my little girl going to school a few days from now, I thought we needed a little time to be able to take care of our little girl's school uniform. Yes, we still haven't bought the fabric yet so we can send them already to the dressmaker for sewing. Thankfully, our neighbor informed us that they have the exact fabric for Dippy's uniform. They just bought it recently but won't be needing it anymore because, for some reason, they are no longer enrolling their kid in the same school as Dippy's. Anyway, our nursery kid is so excited to meet her classmates for this school year. Every time we would ask her to practice writing before classes start, she would happily obey. Okay, I really can't wait for her to be in school because I know she will learn a lot and she will enjoy her time with kids in school.

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