got a post-Valentine gift

Just when I decided to go ahead and buy a jacket, a friend came to my office last night and brought a sweater for me. She said the sweater was given as a post-Valentine gift from our common friend who is now based in the U.S. The gift made me smile considering that it was like an answered prayer from my earlier post about the need to keep myself warm at work. At one point, though, I had thought that the sweater wasn't really intended for me since it almost didn't fit me and that the friend who brought the gift was just probably being too kind and decided to share her Valentine gifts for me. :-) Anyhow, I already thanked them both for their thoughtfulness. It was really something (apart from a jacket) I needed and had thought of buying lately. I so love the color but it looks like I would need to trim down some more so that I would look better in this fine piece of clothing. Anyway, I went home last night wearing this sweater and I was kind of impressed that my daughter was quick to notice the new piece of clothing covering my shirt. After that, she asked me where I got it and why I didn't buy her one like that; so I promised to get her one on her coming birthday.


the look of cool and the feel of warmth

Don't you hate it when it gets too chilly cold in the office and you are not armed with a really good coat? I do. Many times, I would end up with a really bad cold because when it's extremely hot outside, it can also get extremely cold when I get to the office. You can never get so lucky as well when there's a tropical depression as the temperature can get too cold to handle. On the brighter side of it, I think it is in times like this that you can look forward to the warmth of a patagonia downtown loft jacket. This just strengthens the idea that it's time to have one I can grab in my closet every time it feels like I could use some warmth. In a cold weather this, I know I can look really cool with this jacket and feel pretty warm inside. Reminds me, I need one for my little girl as well.

she is almost set for school

I think I am a lot more excited than my daughter when it comes to her first day of school. Hopefully, it's going to happen this school year. I believe that's how most moms like me feel. I wonder how she would do at school. Will she be intimidated with other kids around? I hope she can handle it pretty well. Husband and I agreed that we will be there to guide and help her so that she won't find going to school difficult. As parents, we have agreed we won't push her too hard that she will feel pressured about schooling. Instead, we just want her to have this willingness and eagerness to learn and absorb all the lessons. I look forward to her schooling as an opportunity for her to meet new friends and to enjoy her childhood even more. Right now, we're trying to get her to sleep early and wake up early so that she won't show up late in school.