enjoying her preschool activities

We are so glad we had our 4-year-old daughter enrolled in Nursery instead of jumping right through Kindergarten class. To be honest, the school that Dippy was currently enrolled in wasn't the first school we had in mind for her. However, our prospect school at that time more or less focused on the age requirement of the K-12 program and not really on the readiness of the student. Although we already paid a small fee for the slot reservation (which was nonrefundable, by the way), we decided to back off from that school because we were having second thoughts. Besides, the location is a little farther away from where we are residing. Also, had she been enrolled in that school, she would have bypassed Nursery. Thankfully, we found another good school when we were looking to get her to join summer classes in writing. She actually liked being there and I've seen how she gradually became interested to go to school each day. That prompted us to let her enroll there so that she will not only learn her lessons but also enjoy the preschool activities that come with being a Nursery student. In fairness, they are also a competitive school and the teachers are also dedicated in their profession.

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