the discomfort of heat in the home

It is seriously getting hot, sunny  and uncomfortable here nowadays. I could not bring myself to complain much about this, though, as some parts of the country are experiencing flood and rain. I am just so grateful that the problem with heat can be solved by taking a good cold shower and perhaps a thirst-quenching beverage. Not all the time, though, I must say. This is just a temporary solution because, after a few hours, heat and perspiration would already set in. Phew!

Dipdip is learning how to use the fan
Seeing how some prices of the best branded air conditioners have gone down after finding some current specials online, I told my husband that it's time to consider getting an air conditioner in our room and having it installed. We are still currently discussing about this, along with some plumbing issues in our home. You see, right now, we've temporarily moved to our in-laws' place because we've sought their help to keep watch of Dipdip (now 3+ years old) while we are working. Anyway, we're taking this as a chance to be able to improve our home while we are not occupying it on a regular basis for the moment.

With the hot temperature these days, husband and I both agreed that getting an air conditioner is already almost considered a necessity. An electric fan could not fully address our need to have a cool temperature and a comfortable sleep. I learned it's not that expensive to buy a good one. In fact, I found one website about air conditioning, heating and plumbing business that offers coupons to avail of the best discounts on purchase of HVAC items. If only, we can use these coupons here. Anyway, I just took advantage of their free money saving tips about plumbing and air conditioning.

I must admit, however, that we are still debating on getting an air conditioner because this can definitely increase consumption of electricity. A rise in electric consumption would definitely mean footing the cost of a high electricity bill. Of course, this expense can be justified when you reap the benefits of a  hypertension-free, comfortable and restful sleep.

I told my husband that when we would already decide to get one for our home, we'll just remember to regulate and limit our use, making sure to use it only when we're about to sleep or only when the heat feels like it's just too much to handle. Of course, we need to run the timer so that it would automatically turn off after a good few hours - just about the time when we're already in REM.

Okay, I just realized it's a Saturday. It's the perfect time to sit down and discuss these things to my husband.

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signs of kids in the house

How can you quickly tell if there are kids in the house even before you get to meet them? That's easy. Check out the walls and doors for some tell-tale signs.

Stickers and more stickers of their favorite cartoon character - makes me wonder sometimes why they are so fond of them, as if I haven't passed that stage once. My mother-in-law has 3 grandkids of different ages. And this is how their door looks like now upon entering the house. :-)