on wearing prescribed motorcyle helmets

One of the challenges of being an employee is getting to the workplace on time. Tardiness is usually an issue  especially if you have to commute your way to the office and you are living far from your office. As for me and husband, it's a blessing in disguise that we go to work on the same schedule not to mention that we are working for one and the same company. Getting into the office on time is not a problem since we are practically riding the motorcycle to go to work. As parents, we also want to get home earlier; so, it only makes sense to own one. The only thing with driving motorcycles, though, is that it's not as safe as driving cars. Safety is definitely one of the biggest concerns with driving motorcycles. This is why this year, there is strict implementation about wearing the prescribed motorcycle helmets. The helmet I used is a prescribed one but, this year, I hope to be able to buy one of those ladies motorcycle helmets with ICC sticker on it. The helmet I currently use has an ICC sticker but it's hardly noticeable now due to wear and tear.

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