window shopping for guitars

Look at all these guitars. Can you help me pick one? LOL. Husband and I really don't have any idea which one to buy. We're not planning to buy yet as of this time, though. We just did some window shopping to please and satisfy our eyes and tire our feet. Actually, we just passed by the music area in one of the big chain stores here in Cebu while we were looking around for our little girl's costume some time about two weeks ago. Cebu is known for making great guitars, by the way. We just thought of taking a photo as a sort of a reminder that the budget for this is still on the waiting list. And it will still have to go through a lot of deliberation later on whether or not a budget for this should be released. How about a ukulele for the little girl? Hmmm.. Thanks to an alphabet poster, she now wants a violin (V for violin!) for herself.


the convenience of buying supplies online

When it comes to safety in the work area, companies need to invest in a lot of things to ensure that the hazards are well-taken cared of. That's what I learned from a friend who is now in the United States. In fact, even if the task is as simple as doing a minor painting job, an employee has to wear an appropriate mask even if one is using an odorless paint. With that, there is always a constant need to replenish their supplies. According to her, they use www.supplylinedirect.com/ for ordering all the stuffs they need at work from time to time. From safety equipment down to janitorial supplies, they are getting all of them without having to pay any shipping fee. Their company is truly benefiting a lot from buying online. I believe even if it is just for domestic and household use, if there's anything we want to buy from physical stores that we can already buy online for the same price, it should be wise to choose the convenience of online shopping.

proud of our nursery student

I am proud of my Nursery student. She is doing a good job in school. I hope it continues to be that way. I can really see she's improving a lot. She's also having a great time with other non-academic activities. She loves to dance and to sing. I can see the delight in her eyes when we ask her to perform what she was asked to do in school. Wow. And you think she only got that from me? No. Her father also has some artistic side. He is one proud father as well :-)


it is going to be merrier than the last one

We are still in the month of August but we already know that time can go by so fast. A couple of months from now, we would already feel how close we are to Christmas. Ahhhh, I am so excited about Christmas because I can see almost everyone taking every effort to be merry and to make others happy. As always, I'd like our little girl to experience the joy of anticipating Christmas. Pretty soon, she will be opening her Christmas gifts but before that happens, I would love for her to take part in decorating the house to create that Christmas-y feel. Hopefully, a Christmas tree would already be up by October or November. For sure, it would stand prettier with new decorations around it. I hope to get radko christmas ornaments at christmas place because there are quite a lot of great choices there. Ah, this year's Christmas is going to be merrier than the last one. Hopefully!

her version of her favorite song

As promised, I am going to share my little girl's video on her version of the song Reflection from the movie, Mulan. I think it's going to take awhile before she is able to pronounce all the words and lyrics right. As a mom, I am already proud to say that she has already overcome her shyness a bit because everytime I would ask her to sing in front of someone, she would happily do so. And everytime we would watch The Voice of the Philippines, she would tell me she wants to be there singing to the judges. Haha, if only I am one of the judges, she can be assured that I would turn my chair for her. :-)