learn the secret to a winning musical performance

A corporate Christmas party is a fun and exciting event for many employees. Often, management would require their employees to participate in the program by sponsoring a Christmas caroling contest that would be open to all. Since this would usually involve a monetary reward for the winners, the employees would do all that they can to win by picking the right song and planning every single detail on how to go about their performance. Expectedly, not everybody can really sing that well, especially if they're picking a song with high-pitched notes. However, this should not be a problem if they are not using the standard minus one or karaoke to sing along with. For a winning performance, it would be a good idea to use a guitar accompaniment so that participants can make a good arrangement on a song. This way, they won't have to break their vocal chords just to reach a high note. After all, with a device  in the guitar, any high-pitched song or music can be beautifully arranged so that a song can be sung at a lower key. Certainly, the participating group with a member who has great guitar skills will have a good chance of coveting the prize. Well, that's just my opinion.


Activities for Preschoolers - Write, Color and Draw

What keeps preschoolers look forward to schooling each day are the fun activities they are made to do with other kids in school.  Besides playing, of course, writing, coloring and drawing are the usual activities that are being introduced to our kids in school. Prior to getting these kids enrolled in preschool, it would really help that they are also made to do these things ahead at home. Maximizing their learning potential at home would be a good preparation and training ground for them so that it would be a whole lot easier to undertake these activities later on in school. Teaching these things ahead, when we are at home with our kiddo, can really make a big difference in their performance at school. Also, doing these things at home not only strengthens the bond we have with our kid, it also keeps them busy that there would be no time for them to experience boredom.