how music lets me accomplish more

I feel like I have more energy doing all my stuff online if I am listening to my favorite songs. Next to coffee, music is my weapon against sleepiness and lack of focus. Of course, I am also aware that not everyone will go for my choice of music. That's why I would rather listen to my playlist all by myself rather than sharing it. By using a headphone, I'll have my music to myself and I can play all the songs I want to listen to. Unless I get carried away and unconsciously sing along, I wouldn't be disturbing people with my music. Speaking of headphone, I realized that it is already due for a replacement. I thought it would be great to own one with a noise reduction feature. It's definitely a good idea to wear a headphone while doing my tasks. This way, I'll get the job done faster and I can then catch up with my responsibilities as a wife and a mother. It is also likely that people will hesitate to approach or to talk to me when I have both ears covered with a gadget. :-)


some moments of nostalgia

Just recently, my daughter's face is a picture of loneliness every time she remembers her cousin. It is quite understandable because when we were at the in-laws' place, they were constant playmates. They've been the best of friends, although there were also times that they don't get along too well and one of them (my daughter usually) would provoke a disagreement or a fight. Last night, she said she misses her cousin. Thus, come weekend (hopefully), we are going to travel and pay the in-laws a visit.

A picture with her cousin

with her aunt and cousins
One of the things that I admire about my daughter is the fact that she didn't show any objection to the "moving back home" decision that we made. Even though she knew that moving means being far away from her beloved cousins and grandparents, it was like she was already mature enough to handle or get over her feeling of nostalgia to the people and places she became attached with outside our home for about a year. She seemed happy wherever we choose to stay. It was like she already has this orientation that she will be happy wherever her parents are.


window shopping for a jacket

Another must-have for me this year is a jacket that I could wear when I am riding the motorcycle with husband. Husband already knows about this need but we were still debating on which jacket to buy. I just learned though that there are patagonia jackets on sale and I would love to wear exactly the purple one that I saw on the website today; however, husband would insist on having me buy the one we saw at the mall last weekend. Should I give in to his suggestion? I told him I should think about it first. After all, I will be the one who will wear it, right?

not a sweet story

I can't help but remember what it's like last Christmas and New Year. Life had been very busy with parties, meetups and reunion with friends and classmates. These activities all had one thing in common - we were pigging out! Definitely, diet was put off again for the nth time. Husband is starting to worry for my health while I am again feeling awful about myself.

One of the many things I couldn't say No to are chocolates. Honestly, I wouldn't think about buying them myself but when they're given to me as gifts, I would definitely indulge (or overindulge even) and give in to my cravings. Haha!

An officemate gave me a handful of these chocolates. The next day, she again gave  me another handful. Like a second helping. :-)

She said the chocolates are for me; so I ate most of them and only shared some to husband. Next thing I know I ended up buying toothache drops at the pharmacy. Totally not a sweet story, right? Serves me right for being so greedy with chocolates.

on wearing prescribed motorcyle helmets

One of the challenges of being an employee is getting to the workplace on time. Tardiness is usually an issue  especially if you have to commute your way to the office and you are living far from your office. As for me and husband, it's a blessing in disguise that we go to work on the same schedule not to mention that we are working for one and the same company. Getting into the office on time is not a problem since we are practically riding the motorcycle to go to work. As parents, we also want to get home earlier; so, it only makes sense to own one. The only thing with driving motorcycles, though, is that it's not as safe as driving cars. Safety is definitely one of the biggest concerns with driving motorcycles. This is why this year, there is strict implementation about wearing the prescribed motorcycle helmets. The helmet I used is a prescribed one but, this year, I hope to be able to buy one of those ladies motorcycle helmets with ICC sticker on it. The helmet I currently use has an ICC sticker but it's hardly noticeable now due to wear and tear.

back in home sweet home

This update may be a little late but we are already back in our own home, sweet home! What a great start of the New Year. We were kind of busy with the moving back in. There were many things that need to be taken cared of yet such as the cleanup, and the laundry, most importantly. We simply just cannot do all of them in one or two days.

So, now, to address the problem with an almost unattended laundry, we've  planned to own a washing machine since hand washing our clothes takes a lot of time and effort. Hopefully, with the new laundry machine, we can have some quality time with daughter on weekends. After all, we're working on weekdays; thus, most of our time on weekends should be spent more on her. Don't you think so? :-)