we will do better next time

A few hours from now, it is going to be a start of a New Year. I know I should put off blogging to anticipate this special occasion but I need to distract myself so I could cut down my trips to the table as everything on it seemed so tempting to eat that I could almost put off losing weight as my New Year's resolution.

Anyway, I intend to quickly write about what we did last weekend. My husband and daughter went to travel with me at my hometown. That trip, although it was a short one, was my chance to show them around my native land. The main reason that we were there, though, was to attend a reunion with my elementary batch. I had to bring them along since I hate to travel alone. Unfortunately, there were only a few attendees since most of our batch mates couldn't make it for a lot of different reasons. I thought we had it all planned out - from T-shirt souvenir printing down to the rest of the activities. Somehow, it was a little disappointing because I am the President of our batch and I thought I could have done better. Maybe we could have announced the reunion in many different forms. Perhaps a cheap yard sign printing with the important details of the event can also help to inform and to encourage our batch mates to show up. What do you think? Alright then, we will do better with our reunion next time!

I will leave you now to celebrate New Year with everybody in the house. Happy New Year, guys!


how we spent our Christmas

This year, because of another typhoon threat, we have put off traveling to my dad's place and spent our Christmas at our in-laws. I took this picture of my husband and daughter that one Christmas night at our in-laws' house.Daughter was still sleeping at the time I took this photo but husband woke her up so she can open her Christmas gifts. After that, we had our Noche Buena and then settled in the living room with the whole family for a karaoke session.

For the record, we have been living with mother- and father-in-law for about a year now and this is all for our little girl's sake. Now that we're working outside our home, we had to make sure she's in good hands before we leave. Anyway, this set-up is about to change early next year since we already got hold of one reliable nanny for her. She was my grandmother's caregiver for two years or so. Yes, hopefully, we get to stay in our own house again. I will definitely miss my wonderful in-laws who didn't hesitate about having us and our daughter in their home for a year.


a get-together on weekend

Come weekend, hubby and I are going to meet up with ex-office mates/friends. It's been awhile since our last get-together; so, we are looking forward to see their faces again. We are bringing our little girl along because our time on weekends are supposed to be hers alone.

Caught on camera, here's how our kid behaved at the dinner table with friends a couple of years ago.

she's happy here....

she's showing tantrums
completely bored and sleepy
Now that she has grown up, I hope she will enjoy being at dinner parties like this; although, I doubt that a bit especially if there are no kids around. I just hope that our friends would bring their kids with them when they show up to our get-together.

what did you wear to your prom?

Just today, I got the chance to look at my old photos during high school. Gosh, I thought I 'was' pretty and  cute at that time. Now, if you look at me today, cute is no longer a word to describe me and I almost wouldn't pass for 'pretty'. Notice that I said 'almost' because I have to believe that I am pretty in my own right so that I would still feel good about myself despite being trapped into a bigger body. :-)

Thankfully, even with this picture below, my little girl still recognized me and I don't know why because, with my size right now, I totally looked differently awful! So, I was surprised when she pointed at me wearing a black and flowery printed prom dress. 

At that time, we didn't have a lot of money to spend for a lavish outfit, so I settled for a simple dress to match my simple make up. I also remembered there weren't a lot of ready-made prom dresses that I find comfortable to wear. Good thing, a classmate recommended a dressmaker that didn't charge a lot.

For those moms with daughters who will be attending their proms next year, it should be a good idea to help them plan on what to wear as early as now. And if your daughter is somewhere around my size, she may want to wear a 2013 plus size prom dress. There are a lot of affordable, comfortable and stylish dresses there that can surely transform her into a prom queen.

As  a parent, I am also looking forward to helping my daughter prepare for her high school prom but it's too early to discuss it now because she's not even entered kindergarten yet. :-)

a happy December to all

December is the last day of the year and it is usually a busy month for most people, me included. At work, we would usually push ourselves to meet our deadlines especially because there are holidays to celebrate. Certainly, we don't want to be stuck in the office while the rest of our work mates are already enjoying and merry-making with their kids and family.

More importantly, December is a month to look forward to because this is a time when bosses show their generosity and appreciation to their valued employees. We are also excited to meet our old friends, to go to parties and reunions, as well as to give and to receive Christmas presents. Now, what do you have for me? :-)

A happy December to all of you, guys!


bumped into someone

At the toy store some weekends ago, I bumped into someone I later recognized to be a classmate back in college. I asked her what she does for a living and she just kind of told me that she's a print broker. I exclaimed "Wow! Big time, huh!" but actually I wasn't sure at that time and was ashamed even to ask about a specific job description. I wondered if it's a newly coined term or perhaps I fell asleep during our career orientation. I was sure I didn't hear about this before; so this must be something new. Anyway, I was glad to see her because I haven't seen her for ages. I was a little surprised to know that she already had three kids because she's so slim. I was a little envious that she was able to maintain her figure. When she asked me how many kids I have, I was somewhat embarrassed to tell her I am only a mother of one at the moment because I am more or less three times her size. Thankfully, she was polite enough not to say anything about my weight. Oh dear, I really must do something about this!

daughter's favorite Christmas song

Last night when we arrived from work, we found our daughter standing in front of the television watching and listening to CCTN Channel 47's (a local Catholic TV network) latest Christmas Station ID. She really couldn't help but sing along with the song "Christmas Is Meant To All", an original composition. She's been hearing it a lot of times a day lately that she already became familiar with the song's melody and lyrics. Like my daughter, I also love to listen to this song over and over again  and that's also because it sends a wonderful message, reminding us that Christmas is not just for the rich but for everybody.

Below is the song that I am talking about. You may want your children/kids listen to it and see how easy it is for them to  sing along.