excited over kid going to school soon

As a mom, I am so excited over the thought of my little girl going to school pretty soon. Seeing her first cousins are already in preparatory school, she is now just as excited as I am. She is so looking forward to wear a school uniform, to get to know other kids at school, as well as to study. This will have to wait sometime next year. However, I still have no idea which school she will go to. Right now, we're starting to save up for this next phase of her life - being a school girl! I and her father have been looking for ways to have extra income so that we can afford to send her to school without having to worry about expenses. I am just surprised to hear how expensive it is nowadays to send our child to school, especially if you choose to let her go to a private school. Anyway, whether she goes to a public or private school, I want to make sure she learns all there is to learn. Apart from other things, I will make sure she is properly guided academically.


Improving Our Kids' Moral Values

As parents, it is our responsibility to mold our children to become what we want them to be especially in terms of their morals and values. It is always our hope that they would grow up bringing with them the right manners, attitude and behavior that is both pleasing to God and the community in general. This is challenge for most of us parents because they do not only grow up with us and the environment we want them to be in, they also grow with other people in a community which can also contribute towards shaping who they can potentially become one day.

There are many ways that we can improve our kids' moral values but the most proven way is to be the best example for them. As they grow, children would emulate whatever they see and hear from us parents.However, it is already given that we are not perfect. There will be times when we fail to become the best example for them. In this case, we can still be an example for them if they see that we have corrected our mistakes and we let them understand the consequences of these mistakes.