the musician's best fake friend

Being a music lover is something that daughter and I have in common. We both really love to watch concerts and gigs of my favorite bands, both local and foreign. Too bad, we can only get to watch these things on TV and in youtube. At one point, though, I was wondering how these musicians are able to play all the songs flawlessly in every performance. Not that it was really a big deal for me then to be able to find that out but a friend of mine who happens to be a member of a show band has once shared to me their secret. Aside from regular rehearsals with the members, they have got to have one thing to complete their music paraphernalia - the fake book! I was told this has been what's keeping their trade alive in every gig. Truly, musicians have found a real friend from what is called a fake book. :-)


going towards 100

My oh my, I am on my way to my 100th post for this blog! Thank you for many of you parents and parents-to-be who took the time to read my posts. My gratitude also goes to those who have liked Our Life As Parents on Facebook. Thanks for supporting me on my journey as a blogger throughout the years. I hope to do better with my future posts. In fact, I am planning to share with my readers how I am earning a little bit through this wonderful hobby of mine. You see, this hobby also requires diligence and dedication. Although it is not really necessary to do it every single day, it helps that you have some regular time to sit down and blog about your thoughts or ideas. Well, that's just a little information for now since our little girl has been begging me for the nth time to shut down this computer. LOL.


learning from soap opera

While watching my favorite Tagalog-dubbed soap opera, I suddenly got curious and wanted to know how the voice over was done. So, I visited my favorite video site to see it for myself. As I was watching the demo from a video, I saw this thing in front of the microphone. After a quick research, I found out that this thing is called a pop filter. I got this information by browsing these collections of unique and exciting pop filter at guitar center over the internet. This pop filter is being used to control loud popping sound which can ruin the voice dubbing recording. I found it amusing, though, how a simple soap opera led me to learn something new.

enjoying her preschool activities

We are so glad we had our 4-year-old daughter enrolled in Nursery instead of jumping right through Kindergarten class. To be honest, the school that Dippy was currently enrolled in wasn't the first school we had in mind for her. However, our prospect school at that time more or less focused on the age requirement of the K-12 program and not really on the readiness of the student. Although we already paid a small fee for the slot reservation (which was nonrefundable, by the way), we decided to back off from that school because we were having second thoughts. Besides, the location is a little farther away from where we are residing. Also, had she been enrolled in that school, she would have bypassed Nursery. Thankfully, we found another good school when we were looking to get her to join summer classes in writing. She actually liked being there and I've seen how she gradually became interested to go to school each day. That prompted us to let her enroll there so that she will not only learn her lessons but also enjoy the preschool activities that come with being a Nursery student. In fairness, they are also a competitive school and the teachers are also dedicated in their profession.


early morning thoughts

Just seeing my daughter getting a little bit older each day is already enough to get me to think of trying out new things that might possibly help us secure a better future for her. Sometimes, I'll just come up with a plan on my own (Ting! Ting! Ting!) and I would think about it over and over before I lay them all down to my husband. Today is just one of those times. While hubby and the little girl are still sleeping, I got the chance to surf the net and learned a few things about investing in gold and silver. I realized just how easy it is to buy gold or silver online and sell it later for a better or handsome price. The internet is definitely one of the best places to buy silver or gold. What really caught my fancy are the gold coins at goldeneaglecoin.com but I am not really sure if the gold coin trading is for me. I must admit I have yet to find out more information about this. Hmmm, it is time to quit thinking for now and fix some breakfast.


her first day of school

A few days ago, I was supposed to blog about her first day of school and how it turned out for our little girl. Obviously, I didn't have time to do that despite the fact that there are 24 hours in a day. LOL. Blame it partly on the rainy season because we practically wanted to have more hours of sleep now. Anyway, her first day of school was technically not her first day to experience school since she already went to summer school prior to entering Nursery2 this school year. Still, I felt the need to file for a leave of absence from work to support her official first day of school as a preschooler.

The mom in me was telling me I have to be there to make sure her first day is a good one. I had to be there just in case she feels uncomfortable. We all know a lot of kids cry on their first day of school especially if they are used to being with their parents almost all of the time. However, this was not the case with my daughter. The moment we entered the gate of her school, she cheerfully greeted everyone 'Good morning'. Just like most 'first days' of school, their classes did not formally start yet. In fact, the students were dismissed early. It was almost like we were there in school just to have her ID picture taken, bring all her books, and get her school-related requirements. We then spent the rest of the day buying her requirements. In the evening after taking dinner, I covered all her books and notebooks. I didn't even notice that it was already past bedtime that night.

Oh gosh, for someone who is already thirty-ish, I still can't believe I already have a preschooler. I thought I shouldn't be surprised because I am not getting younger as well. Even some of my contemporaries were already sending their kids to high school. So, there's still a long way to go for us. Indeed, it's time to work even harder so we can provide a better future for her.


keeping up with our morning chores

I can already imagine what our life as parents would be like when our little girl starts schooling. After all, like a sneak preview, I had a little taste of it when Dippy went to summer school. Since Nursery classes are held in the morning, we knew we need to get up a little early than usual so we can have time to prepare her for school. Aside from getting her to wake up early and let her take a shower and get dressed, part of our very mundane routine is to cook a healthy meal that Dippy would love to eat. As much as possible also, we need to have that extra time as she wants either her father or me to feed her even when the sitter is around. Cooking is definitely one chore that eats up most of the extra time we have in the morning before we are able to prepare ourselves to go to work. Our bottleneck is in the preparation of the ingredients for a healthy meal which includes the cutting or the slicing of vegetables. In fact, there was one time that I almost cut my finger while rushing to get the cooking chore done. Luckily, the blade didn't get through my skin but it was really close to an accident. There was also another time when I dropped the knife and the blade almost landed on my right foot. Obviously, we didn't have one of those utility knives that are much safer to use. I did wish to own one soon but, for the meantime, I resolve to be more careful when using this kitchen tool. More importantly, we're taking that ounce of prevention by keeping it away from our little girl's reach.

school time is almost near

Oh, how quickly the month of May has passed us by! I would have wanted it not to end yet since the start of June is already a hint that school time is almost near. While I am excited for my little girl going to school a few days from now, I thought we needed a little time to be able to take care of our little girl's school uniform. Yes, we still haven't bought the fabric yet so we can send them already to the dressmaker for sewing. Thankfully, our neighbor informed us that they have the exact fabric for Dippy's uniform. They just bought it recently but won't be needing it anymore because, for some reason, they are no longer enrolling their kid in the same school as Dippy's. Anyway, our nursery kid is so excited to meet her classmates for this school year. Every time we would ask her to practice writing before classes start, she would happily obey. Okay, I really can't wait for her to be in school because I know she will learn a lot and she will enjoy her time with kids in school.