she is a little grown-up

Time flies. Literally. My little girl is a little grown-up now. Each day she is showing signs that she wants to become independent. She wants to decide what to wear for the day - I thought I said these things a couple of times in this blog (excuse me my forgetful moments). Most of the time, she likes to wear a dress even when she's just at home. She also wants to eat on her own as she wants to show us that she already knows how to use the spoon for eating.

The list can go on. I am just amazed at her progress, although we still can't get her to drink milk from the glass or cup. LOL. Everyday, she tells me that she wants to go to school already; however, that would have to wait until next year as hubby and I are still saving up for the start of this new stage of her life.

Of course, she is also at this stage where she would love to own lots of toys. She wants to have toys from her favorite cartoon characters - from Winnie the Pooh to Dora (not necessarily in that order).

She got this from my aunt
Her latest obsession (I call it obsession because she'd been bugging me lately about this) are Barbie toys - from toy dolls down to toy cellphones and laptops. Actually, as long as she can see a picture of beautiful dolls, that's already Barbie to her. Good thing, I was able to get her a Barbie educational laptop online (from eBay) that didn't cost me much - I think it was more of a replica or something they call "Class A" - I am just not sure :-). Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of this new toy. Maybe on my next update.

Along with these developments, I'm happy she has already gotten over the fact that we have to leave for work on weekdays. Time was when my heart would break every time we would leave her to the care of my my very kind in-laws because her eyes and face were full of tears. It's funny and weird, though, because sometimes I would miss that moment. :-)