fascinated with another musical instrument

I recently watched a concert aired on TV with my little musician in the making. She really enjoyed listening to the performance of an orchestra. I noticed that her eyes were glued more on one musical instrument - the cello. Cellos fascinate her since she thought it's the same as the guitar that she was able to hold the last time we went to my hometown for a short vacation. Definitely, I would not be surprised that one day she will ask permission to take short courses on a particular musical instrument. Whatever musical instrument that is, I just hope that we would be able to afford it. I guess I'll have to start looking around for ideas how much a cello, a violin, or an electric guitar would cost.


when will the baby come?

More often than not, people who entered married life long to have an offspring of their own somewhere within the productive years of their marriage. The husband and wife's longing and wanting to have a baby would even grow stronger  because people who are close to them also expect, and in fact  anticipate, that new addition to the family as soon as possible.  We cannot really blame them because they are just as eager as the couple to finally see them become parents.

Unfortunately, even if the couple is mentally ready and even if loved ones are also eager to see them entering that stage of parenthood, such mental readiness or eagerness just won't make any woman pregnant. The reality is that some ladies can have quick and unplanned pregnancies while some just keep "waiting for the stork" to finally visit them.

We can consider a lot of factors that would somehow give answers to questions as to why someone's wife can easily get pregnant while another else's would almost take forever to experience motherhood. Indeed, just as it takes two to tango, it also takes two (the couple) to get pregnant. In some cases, it would take more than just the two of them to bear a child and that's where science and medical intervention can help.

scared no more: giving pregnancy another thought

People close to us have already been asking if we are not planning to have another baby yet as our little girl might not enjoy the loneliness of being an only child later on. Right now, though, it's too early to tell if our daughter will complain about being an only child. Although we are aware that one is a lonely number, I am also wondering if she would be grateful of the fact that no one is competing with her against her parents' attention.

Today, as I am giving pregnancy another thought, I realized that I am not getting younger that by the time husband and I would decide on having another baby, it'd probably be too late. I thought that after what I had gone through with my first pregnancy and delivery, I would never consider getting pregnant again. However, after more than 3 years, I can honestly say today that I am already over with that pregnancy scare phase of my life as the thought of caring again for a newborn and having to wear nursing clothes would already bring a smile to my face. Then again, even though I have already overcome this fear of getting pregnant again, there are still some things that ought to be considered. Certainly, one of the considerations is on the financial demands that come with being parents to more than one child.


what it's like every morning

Here's a glimpse of what it's like every morning just before we would take off for work.

Our little girl is waving goodbye...
Such a sad scene to watch, I should say. 

Although she has already accepted the fact that her mama and papa has to leave everyday for work, she would usually wake up early so she can still have the chance to kiss and say goodbye to us. I wish she never had to watch us driving away to work everyday so she wouldn't feel bad.

What's giving me some peace of mind, though, even if we have to leave for work is because my in-laws are there to take care of her. We are definitely indebted to them for the unconditional love and attention they are giving to our daughter. After all this time, I still find it hard to leave my kid behind but I have to fight whatever awful feeling I have for leaving her to my in-laws' care for the meantime that we can't find anyone else we could trust our kid to. Both of us needed to work so we can successfully carry on our financial responsibilities as parents.


traveling with some great company

Before we decided to use the motorcycle in coming to work, husband and I would need to wake up early to avoid the rush hour and show up to the office on time. However, sometimes there are really bad days when both of us would not even recognize the sound of the alarm clock that we would end up skipping breakfast at home just to catch up with our usual schedule of commute. Fortunately, within those "bad days", we would often find ourselves being given a lift by our neighbor who drives his car to work. No matter how much we refused the offer to ride with him, he wouldn't take no for an answer. This act of kindness on his part meant a lot to us, though, because aside from the savings we enjoyed from riding for free, we were able to come to work early and leave early as well. This somehow gives us parents the extra time to be with our little girl. A couple of rides later, he told us that we were also doing him a favor every time we ride with him because he wanted some company when he needs to drive a longer distance. Husband and I told him that the car stereo would make a fine companion when he has to travel the long distance alone; however, we learned that he still needs to get his car audio equipment repaired. The last time we rode with him, though, we noticed that he didn't have it repaired. Instead, he got one of those car audio systems with touch screen feature and USB/SD slots. Totally wow! Since then, we had enjoyed great music as much as we enjoyed the lifts. However, the free rides had to stop since we were already riding the motorcycle. Anyway, he's got great company already.


a great song for dads

Last Friday, I was happy that we were able to visit my dad. It wasn't really a perfectly comfortable ride going to the place but the long trip was really all worth it as my little girl is also excited to see his grandfather again.

As my way of welcoming November in style, I found it fitting to share a great song going for all dads out there. :-) I was able to learn about this song when my husband was listening to it - something he unconsciously did after doing a few clicks on Youtube. For those who are looking for a wonderful song to honor their dads, then a Father's Love from Gary Valenciano is definitely a great choice!