reading with the toddler

We have been reading to Dipdip one particular book about Jesus and the angels. Her attention span seems to have increased as she gets older. She loves to listen and sit with any of us so we could read to her the contents as we leaf through the pages of the book. This was a used book that we bought on sale at a  department store.

Lately though she would also like to have the book to herself so that she could just leaf through the pages herself. It was when she tried tearing the front page (glad it was just the foreword page) that we decided to keep it for the time being until she is responsible enough to handle it with care.


showcasing my daughter's talent

It's been a while since my last update. I didn't realize I've concentrated with my walk through life blog more than being here. My apologies for I have been busy. I hope to update this more in the future. For now, let me just brag about my daughter's talent.

This is just a short video of my toddler dancing through the music of a nursery rhyme. She likes music a lot. Everytime she hears music, she would dance to it, no matter how slow or fast the beat is. To explain what's that thing on the side of her face, she was actually taking her breakfast when she started to dance. :-)

We are really enjoying our life as parents a lot!