keeping up with our morning chores

I can already imagine what our life as parents would be like when our little girl starts schooling. After all, like a sneak preview, I had a little taste of it when Dippy went to summer school. Since Nursery classes are held in the morning, we knew we need to get up a little early than usual so we can have time to prepare her for school. Aside from getting her to wake up early and let her take a shower and get dressed, part of our very mundane routine is to cook a healthy meal that Dippy would love to eat. As much as possible also, we need to have that extra time as she wants either her father or me to feed her even when the sitter is around. Cooking is definitely one chore that eats up most of the extra time we have in the morning before we are able to prepare ourselves to go to work. Our bottleneck is in the preparation of the ingredients for a healthy meal which includes the cutting or the slicing of vegetables. In fact, there was one time that I almost cut my finger while rushing to get the cooking chore done. Luckily, the blade didn't get through my skin but it was really close to an accident. There was also another time when I dropped the knife and the blade almost landed on my right foot. Obviously, we didn't have one of those utility knives that are much safer to use. I did wish to own one soon but, for the meantime, I resolve to be more careful when using this kitchen tool. More importantly, we're taking that ounce of prevention by keeping it away from our little girl's reach.

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