the music in my heart

What should I get my wonderful husband? It is going to be his birthday in a few days. Suddenly, I thought about the guitar I've long been planning to get him. Yes, my quest for a good guitar to buy hasn't ended yet. I thought it would be nice to get him the kind of guitar that he really likes so he would be very eager to learn how to play the instrument. Hopefully, pretty soon, he would be able to play even just one song really well and serenade me in one of those years that we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary. It should be romantic, right? Wishful thinking! Perhaps I can write a love song and come up with a good melody and then he can play it for me. Hearts! hearts! hearts! :-) This year, though, I don't see it happening yet. And I think I'm going too far with my thoughts. After all, he said he needs more than just a crash course on the basics of playing the guitar.


long vacation for the little girl

Because of the earthquake and the continuous aftershocks that we've experienced lately, my Nursery2 student will have a long vacation from school. DepEd has already announced that their classes will resume on November 4. Now, we're thinking of what activities we can let her do to keep her busy as well as to prevent her from getting bored. She is anxious to go back to school already and she is not totally understanding why an earthquake can keep her from coming to school.

protecting important files

Yours truly experienced another horrifying ordeal (although this is not as horrifying as that earthquake experience we just had recently) today. This has something to do with my laptop acting up. I thought it was time to say goodbye to this hand-me-down gadget from my younger brother but, fortunately, husband came to the rescue and was able to figure out just exactly what is causing the problem. The trial version of the antivirus software that I used on my laptop has already expired! I didn't think I'd be having problems with my laptop later on but, according to husband, a virus has almost wiped away all of my important files! He said it's about time to consider using an avira professional anti virus software so that problems like this can be prevented. That was his recommendation. He said I had better protect my files and my second-hand laptop if I consider them very important. Yeah, right. I love my husband!

a horrifying experience

Can somebody get me on a blogging mode again? I so wanted to write something here on a regular basis but the desire to write just doesn't seem to be enough. A lot of things are still holding me back. And I mean A LOT of things -- they just keep adding up all together. Lately, it is because of force majeure. I remembered too well that I have been looking forward to this month of October as this was my/our wedding month, not to mention that it is also my husband's birth month. However, after a very shaky experience, I thought I might as well wish we would skip this month and not have to go through what we went through last week. That 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October 15 was really a horrifying experience. There are no words that can accurately describe how I felt that day. I was at work during that frightful day and I got so worried about not being with my family at the time that it happened. Although the epicenter was identified in Bohol, the intensity of the quake and the damage it has caused was just too strong to send us all in panic and fear here in Cebu. Still, what we went through is nothing compared to those who are in Bohol. I hope and pray that the aftershocks will already stop and that people can already start re-building their lives.


warming the feet for a better sleep

Can't sleep well and better at night? I've actually learned a lot of tips and ideas from my late mom when it comes to sleeping aids and preparations. When taking a refreshing shower, drinking a glass of milk and saying your prayers before bedtime don't seem to work anymore, you may want to check on your sleepwear, too. Sometimes, when you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, it may actually prevent you from getting a good sleep. Sometimes, a blanket is not enough because you will still feel the coldness and restlessness of your feet. As for me, because I am privileged to be in this part of the world where it is not really too chilly at home (we are not using aircon as well), I put on a pair of socks as foot warmers and these are already enough to warm and calm my feet. Depending on the temperature, others may need more than just ordinary socks to keep their feet warm.

a student is making progress

It's great to know that my daughter is making a lot of progress in school. I've seen how diligent she has been to learn how to write her name on paper. Thanks to her teacher in writing class (along with our guidance and assistance at home), she is now able to perfectly write her full name! And because we usually love our own, I really love her penmanship. At the age of 4, I thought it would take her long to memorize the actual sequence and spelling of her name. Practice, indeed, makes perfect. A lot of things have really changed when it comes to the educational system and requirements. As far as I can remember,  I wasn't schooling yet at the age of 4. I think I was 6 years old when I started kindergarten right away and skipped Nursery or fun school. I and her father are quite pleased that she's able to cope up with the demands of being a student at a very young age.