just a short breaking story

One time, I jokingly asked my 4-year old little girl if she has a boyfriend in school. Shyly, she said "Yes" and the name of the boyfriend was "Jacob".  I hope his mom doesn't get to read this. :-) My daughter actually mentioned the little boy's name with a giggle. LOL. Funny daughter!  Days passed, she talked to me about what happened in school one morning. She was teased by Jacob in school and made her cry. I listened to her story and tried to make her feel better. In our dialect, I then told her to break up with her boyfriend Jacob. :-) The next day, she told me that she already said what I asked her to say to her classmate. Curious, I asked what happened next. She said, they were eating their snacks during their "break" time. Hahaha.. Oh c'mon, give me a break! :-)