some moments of nostalgia

Just recently, my daughter's face is a picture of loneliness every time she remembers her cousin. It is quite understandable because when we were at the in-laws' place, they were constant playmates. They've been the best of friends, although there were also times that they don't get along too well and one of them (my daughter usually) would provoke a disagreement or a fight. Last night, she said she misses her cousin. Thus, come weekend (hopefully), we are going to travel and pay the in-laws a visit.

A picture with her cousin

with her aunt and cousins
One of the things that I admire about my daughter is the fact that she didn't show any objection to the "moving back home" decision that we made. Even though she knew that moving means being far away from her beloved cousins and grandparents, it was like she was already mature enough to handle or get over her feeling of nostalgia to the people and places she became attached with outside our home for about a year. She seemed happy wherever we choose to stay. It was like she already has this orientation that she will be happy wherever her parents are.

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