not a sweet story

I can't help but remember what it's like last Christmas and New Year. Life had been very busy with parties, meetups and reunion with friends and classmates. These activities all had one thing in common - we were pigging out! Definitely, diet was put off again for the nth time. Husband is starting to worry for my health while I am again feeling awful about myself.

One of the many things I couldn't say No to are chocolates. Honestly, I wouldn't think about buying them myself but when they're given to me as gifts, I would definitely indulge (or overindulge even) and give in to my cravings. Haha!

An officemate gave me a handful of these chocolates. The next day, she again gave  me another handful. Like a second helping. :-)

She said the chocolates are for me; so I ate most of them and only shared some to husband. Next thing I know I ended up buying toothache drops at the pharmacy. Totally not a sweet story, right? Serves me right for being so greedy with chocolates.

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