how music lets me accomplish more

I feel like I have more energy doing all my stuff online if I am listening to my favorite songs. Next to coffee, music is my weapon against sleepiness and lack of focus. Of course, I am also aware that not everyone will go for my choice of music. That's why I would rather listen to my playlist all by myself rather than sharing it. By using a headphone, I'll have my music to myself and I can play all the songs I want to listen to. Unless I get carried away and unconsciously sing along, I wouldn't be disturbing people with my music. Speaking of headphone, I realized that it is already due for a replacement. I thought it would be great to own one with a noise reduction feature. It's definitely a good idea to wear a headphone while doing my tasks. This way, I'll get the job done faster and I can then catch up with my responsibilities as a wife and a mother. It is also likely that people will hesitate to approach or to talk to me when I have both ears covered with a gadget. :-)

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