when will the baby come?

More often than not, people who entered married life long to have an offspring of their own somewhere within the productive years of their marriage. The husband and wife's longing and wanting to have a baby would even grow stronger  because people who are close to them also expect, and in fact  anticipate, that new addition to the family as soon as possible.  We cannot really blame them because they are just as eager as the couple to finally see them become parents.

Unfortunately, even if the couple is mentally ready and even if loved ones are also eager to see them entering that stage of parenthood, such mental readiness or eagerness just won't make any woman pregnant. The reality is that some ladies can have quick and unplanned pregnancies while some just keep "waiting for the stork" to finally visit them.

We can consider a lot of factors that would somehow give answers to questions as to why someone's wife can easily get pregnant while another else's would almost take forever to experience motherhood. Indeed, just as it takes two to tango, it also takes two (the couple) to get pregnant. In some cases, it would take more than just the two of them to bear a child and that's where science and medical intervention can help.

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