scared no more: giving pregnancy another thought

People close to us have already been asking if we are not planning to have another baby yet as our little girl might not enjoy the loneliness of being an only child later on. Right now, though, it's too early to tell if our daughter will complain about being an only child. Although we are aware that one is a lonely number, I am also wondering if she would be grateful of the fact that no one is competing with her against her parents' attention.

Today, as I am giving pregnancy another thought, I realized that I am not getting younger that by the time husband and I would decide on having another baby, it'd probably be too late. I thought that after what I had gone through with my first pregnancy and delivery, I would never consider getting pregnant again. However, after more than 3 years, I can honestly say today that I am already over with that pregnancy scare phase of my life as the thought of caring again for a newborn and having to wear nursing clothes would already bring a smile to my face. Then again, even though I have already overcome this fear of getting pregnant again, there are still some things that ought to be considered. Certainly, one of the considerations is on the financial demands that come with being parents to more than one child.

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