traveling with some great company

Before we decided to use the motorcycle in coming to work, husband and I would need to wake up early to avoid the rush hour and show up to the office on time. However, sometimes there are really bad days when both of us would not even recognize the sound of the alarm clock that we would end up skipping breakfast at home just to catch up with our usual schedule of commute. Fortunately, within those "bad days", we would often find ourselves being given a lift by our neighbor who drives his car to work. No matter how much we refused the offer to ride with him, he wouldn't take no for an answer. This act of kindness on his part meant a lot to us, though, because aside from the savings we enjoyed from riding for free, we were able to come to work early and leave early as well. This somehow gives us parents the extra time to be with our little girl. A couple of rides later, he told us that we were also doing him a favor every time we ride with him because he wanted some company when he needs to drive a longer distance. Husband and I told him that the car stereo would make a fine companion when he has to travel the long distance alone; however, we learned that he still needs to get his car audio equipment repaired. The last time we rode with him, though, we noticed that he didn't have it repaired. Instead, he got one of those car audio systems with touch screen feature and USB/SD slots. Totally wow! Since then, we had enjoyed great music as much as we enjoyed the lifts. However, the free rides had to stop since we were already riding the motorcycle. Anyway, he's got great company already.

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