the husband is up to something

I knew husband's too busy to do even a small woodworking project this month. That's why when he kept looking at Reid Supply for a couple of days now for some plumbing and woodworking materials, I thought husband was really up to something. Just this afternoon, though, while having our usual conversation over coffee, he opened up to me about his desire to realize our goal of having a family business. So, that was it - he took inspiration from the page because that's the kind of business he wants to have someday. Hmmm, what can I say? Those are guy's stuff. I wonder if I can also come up with business targeted for women or mothers? Well, I really think the famous financial adviser Francisco Colayco is a great motivator. We have learned so much lately from his lectures aired on TV about the importance of having passive income and accumulating wealth, not just money.

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