had fun singing last year

I feel like I'm not done yet with blogging about last year. :-) There was so much to blog about last year's happening that it didn't feel quite right for me to just skip it just because I got busy. Anyway, let me just talk about how husband, Dippy and I spent our Christmas last year. We actually celebrated it and had fun at our neighbor's house. Oh, my sister also was with us on Christmas. It was actually the first time that a good neighbor (a couple) invited us to have dinner with them. They prepared food; we prepared food as well. We had a bottle of red wine (for the ladies), some beer (for the two gentlemen) and juice for the little girl. I also brought our Magic Sing along, so we can have karaoke while we are still hours away from Christmas Eve. A few rounds of wine and beer have almost turned us into overnight sensation/professional singers, or should I say, wannabes. LOL. Good thing, a lot of the neighbors were also singing then. I did try to record my performance that night (just one song) using my cellphone and I realized that I must have been so out of tune after I got tipsy or drunk. I know my voice wouldn't be as bad as it was if I picked the right songs and adjust the pitch and other settings a little. My sister suggested to invest by getting a good set of speakers or an  audio equalizer but I'm not sure if it's a reasonable expense for me who doesn't do karaoke frequently. Maybe I'll just have to rehearse more often - there's great audio when I take my shower. Right. :-)

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