protecting important files

Yours truly experienced another horrifying ordeal (although this is not as horrifying as that earthquake experience we just had recently) today. This has something to do with my laptop acting up. I thought it was time to say goodbye to this hand-me-down gadget from my younger brother but, fortunately, husband came to the rescue and was able to figure out just exactly what is causing the problem. The trial version of the antivirus software that I used on my laptop has already expired! I didn't think I'd be having problems with my laptop later on but, according to husband, a virus has almost wiped away all of my important files! He said it's about time to consider using an avira professional anti virus software so that problems like this can be prevented. That was his recommendation. He said I had better protect my files and my second-hand laptop if I consider them very important. Yeah, right. I love my husband!

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