best cure for the gloom

One thing I like about summer, apart from having that fun beach time with family, is seeing a lot of flowers bloom everywhere. Despite the summer heat, plenty of flowers of varying colors are still poised enough to show off their beauty, elegance and radiance. These blooms certainly sends out a message of happiness to any onlooker.

Whenever a woman feels unhappy or uninspired, one can usually get her out of that gloominess and brighten her day with just a bunch of flowers. I guess, our garden would be a happy sight to see if it is kept really well and are filled with flowers of various kinds.

Seeing lots of flowers, especially orchids and gumamela, brings back good memories of my late mom. The garden is her favorite place at home. Among others, I remembered she used to collect different colors and variety of gumamela and she had each one named after every member of our family. In fact, as a way of welcoming my husband to our family, she had her yellow gumamela named after him. By doing that, she only had to look at her garden when we're not around and this would already be enough to keep her from missing us. God, I miss her. I wish she had the chance to hold my little girl in her arms.

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