a handyman for a husband

I remember back then when Stephen and yours truly are about to get married, the real estate agent we have been talking to asked me if my fiance is a handyman. This is in anticipation of home improvement and repairs that will be needed in the next few years. I wasn't really quite sure about my answer back then since I really didn't get to witness him personally how he fixes things in their own home; although I knew he used to watch his late grandfather do some minor repairs in his parents' house. I was told that if my husband is a handyman, we would be able to save a few bucks if he doesn't rely always on professional services for minor things that he can do himself. True enough, he is a real handyman. The self-help videos on the Internet have also been a great help to him. Curiosity always drives him to learn how to fix things here and there. In fact, just recently, he's done a great job attending to a plumbing issue at home. He said he has already fixed the leaks to our pipe with the use of band clamps along with other tools. This definitely saved us money because we didn't need to hire a  professional plumber. For this and other reasons, I can really say that the guy I chose to be my husband a few years ago is indeed a real keeper! :-)

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