guess how much we love our kid

A few days from now, she'll turn 3! It feels like it was only yesterday when we've raised a newborn. It feels like it was only yesterday when she can barely communicate with us. Now, she's one little conversationalist. Sometimes, she would also mimic the words that are spoken by adult people around her and this is one reason why we would need to be careful when we converse in front of her. She's also now at this stage where she would want to keep wearing her favorite dress, sometimes to the point that people would probably wonder if we ever thought of buying her a new one. :-)

Guess how much we love our kid? I think most parents can relate to this feeling. Definitely, our love cannot be measured by the toys and the birthday parties we are able to afford them. So, dear daughter, if you are able to read this blog when you grow up, please know that you are loved so much!


  1. Yes, time flies so fast when we are seeing our child grow. Now, your darling baby is now 3 years old. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  2. sis parang picture trick ung photo. ang liit ng face ni dip2x tapos malaki ang legs. hehehe.

    anyway, i can relate to what you're writing. our little ones grow up so fast. let's just always give them time. nothing can show love to a child more than time.