on being parents to a toddler

We're enjoying being parents to our toddler. She is 2+ years old now and she's at this stage where she tries to be an independent child in terms of deciding what she wants to wear, what to do, etc. She's also at this stage in her life, though, where she would almost always seek for parental attention. She hates it very much when both of us are in front of our computers. So, we make it a point that at least one of us should put off facing the computer until she's busy playing with her toys or until she falls asleep. Time management is indeed an important element in being parents, most especially to toddlers.

Overall, our daughter is generally a happy baby. She's only irritable when she's feeling sick. Just recently, she's had one of those toddler ear infections. Good thing she can already clearly express herself and would quickly tell us the source of her pain - her ears. Her pediatrician explained the usual reason why babies and toddlers commonly get ear infections. This usually happens when their Eustachian tubes are blocked due to common colds. Indeed, we can confirm that her episodes of ear aches came after she's had runny nose or bad cold. She's also had fever along with her painful ears. Thank God, she felt better after 7 days of prescribed antibiotics and 4 days of ibuprofen.

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  1. I can't believe how she's grown! Such a pretty little girl, I'm glad that she is feeling better! I hope you are doing well, just stopped by to say hello since it has been awhile! Love the family pic of you all.