when does parenting start?

Here's our opinion on the question. Parenting officially starts from the time of conception. When the woman knows she is pregnant, she makes sure that she looks after herself even more because she has a baby growing inside her. Come to think of it, parenting should start right before conception. Parenting is such a big responsibility that you need to make sure you are ready for it - mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Am I mentally prepared for parenthood? Am I already equipped with knowledge about parenting?
Although parenting is said to be a work in progress and that no amount of books can ever really assure you to become an expert parent, it really helps to have at least some knowledge about what it really takes to become a parent.

Am I physically prepared for it?
Couples need to keep themselves in the best of health. Although it is usually the woman or the expectant mother who has to go through labor, she also needs support from her partner especially after she delivers their baby into the world.

Am I emotionally prepared for it? Am I up for the challenge of being a parent?
Emotional stability is important, especially for the woman who has to go through the whole pregnancy. On the other hand, the husband or the partner also has to be emotionally ready to become a responsible father himself. There are some husbands who might feel less loved and cared for because they think that their babies would compete against the attention and the affection that they used to get from their wives.

Am I financially prepared for it?
Couples need to know that you can not just say you are ready for parenthood without looking at the financial aspect of it. Love, as a feeling alone, is not just enough. As parents, you need to translate that love into actions. Parents do not need to become the richest parents in the world in order to become responsible parents but they need to make sure that they can be able and have the capability to provide, whatever it takes, for their children's needs.

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