the look of cool and the feel of warmth

Don't you hate it when it gets too chilly cold in the office and you are not armed with a really good coat? I do. Many times, I would end up with a really bad cold because when it's extremely hot outside, it can also get extremely cold when I get to the office. You can never get so lucky as well when there's a tropical depression as the temperature can get too cold to handle. On the brighter side of it, I think it is in times like this that you can look forward to the warmth of a patagonia downtown loft jacket. This just strengthens the idea that it's time to have one I can grab in my closet every time it feels like I could use some warmth. In a cold weather this, I know I can look really cool with this jacket and feel pretty warm inside. Reminds me, I need one for my little girl as well.

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