bumped into someone

At the toy store some weekends ago, I bumped into someone I later recognized to be a classmate back in college. I asked her what she does for a living and she just kind of told me that she's a print broker. I exclaimed "Wow! Big time, huh!" but actually I wasn't sure at that time and was ashamed even to ask about a specific job description. I wondered if it's a newly coined term or perhaps I fell asleep during our career orientation. I was sure I didn't hear about this before; so this must be something new. Anyway, I was glad to see her because I haven't seen her for ages. I was a little surprised to know that she already had three kids because she's so slim. I was a little envious that she was able to maintain her figure. When she asked me how many kids I have, I was somewhat embarrassed to tell her I am only a mother of one at the moment because I am more or less three times her size. Thankfully, she was polite enough not to say anything about my weight. Oh dear, I really must do something about this!

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