on credit cards

One of our financial goals for this year was to keep debts at the minimum. In fact, as early as November of last year, my husband already suggested that we no longer renew our credit card after paying all our dues. I was actually hesitant about his suggestion because I thought it would be convenient to have at least one credit card so we can have something to use when there's an emergency expense or any expense that cannot wait until payday. Nevertheless, I gave in to his suggestion and cancelled our account. For almost a year now, we've done all our purchases in cash and in debit transactions through our ATM. It cannot be denied how convenient credit cards are, though, when it comes to online transactions, especially when booking for a flight or hotel accommodation. This is why I asked him again today if we can apply for a new one. Besides, I have already proven to him how careful I am with my purchases. :-) He seems to agree with me this time. News about identity theft cases is the only thing that's keeping him to say yes this time to credit cards and I have yet to convince him how contactless cards can effectively address this huge concern on security. Anyhow, this is not really something that we need to debate about. I would rather that we be without a credit card and live in harmony as couples should. :-)

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