excited over kid going to school soon

As a mom, I am so excited over the thought of my little girl going to school pretty soon. Seeing her first cousins are already in preparatory school, she is now just as excited as I am. She is so looking forward to wear a school uniform, to get to know other kids at school, as well as to study. This will have to wait sometime next year. However, I still have no idea which school she will go to. Right now, we're starting to save up for this next phase of her life - being a school girl! I and her father have been looking for ways to have extra income so that we can afford to send her to school without having to worry about expenses. I am just surprised to hear how expensive it is nowadays to send our child to school, especially if you choose to let her go to a private school. Anyway, whether she goes to a public or private school, I want to make sure she learns all there is to learn. Apart from other things, I will make sure she is properly guided academically.

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