more toddler updates

What's good about her being a one year plus toddler now is that it's no longer hard for us to know when she would like some milk herself because she would say "Malk" (sometimes "Balk" LOL). Even though she still mispronounces it, we would really know because she would point at her milk to emphasize her point. The educational video showcasing the letters of the alphabet is also a big help. When the letter "M" comes and it says and shows picture of "Milk", she would also realize she wants "Malk" as well. :-)

Also, we live in a place near the airport, airplanes are a common sight and sound on top. We taught her to say "airplane" everytime we see or hear one passing but she managed to consistenly identify it as "er-ten" everytime an airplane passes by.

And then today, when I took the boneless bangus out of the refrigerator for marinating, she pointed at it and blurted "fish!" although we can barely here the "H" in the "fish". Way to go, baby!

Another word she knows how to pronounce and identify is "dog", although sometimes she would also call a goat a "dog". Hmmm, it looks like I need to handle a few corrections along the way. :-)

By the way, I took advantage of her being a toddler copycat - I took a video of her when she would point and identify her "eyes" and then played it again so she wouldn't forget it. She also knows what an "ice" looks like. So now I'm wondering if it will cause her confusion why there are two words that sound the same but mean differently. :-)


  1. It must be a wonderful experience to listen to their vocabulary progress.

  2. Yes, Dipdip can already walk very well, even carry her plastic chair. But there may be confusion really when the word eyes and ice sound the same although they are of different meaning. In due time, she will learn to distinguish between the two of them. You are really in cloud nine to hear your beloved child beginning to speak new words everyday. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. definitely fun times as they begin to talk...it's amazing the things that come out of their mouths sometimes! my son is two and we have wonderful conversations...so fun! children are smart, they will figure everything out in time.


  4. Hi ! galing naman ni Dipdip..
    BTW: came to wish you a Blessed Christmas

  5. Hehehh ..ayaw ko sanang sabihin pa pero di ko matiis. KAmukha nyo si RIO LOcsin.. Idol ko sya. she's a wonderful mother and wifey..minsan minsan na lang lumalabas sa tv

  6. What a smart little girl! Merry late Christmas! I hope you and your family have a great 2011!

  7. Hi sis! Oo nga, napansin ko din yun e...I think there was a problem during the time I posted that blog...babaguhin ko na lang. Thanks :)