mommy moments #2: "hair" is that moment

mommy moments

Hello mommies! Sorry for missing out last week's Mommy Moments because I just can't catch my little girl jumping on camera or video. :-)

Anyway, Our Life As Parents is joining this week. I hope I can still catch up. The topic is about hairstyles.

This is how my little toddler sports her hair right now.

No, she's not going to school. She's just a year and a half. Happy Mommy Moments!


  1. Bouncing off the walls is she? Can’t believe she’s only a year and a half, she looks so grown up!

  2. Yeah, thanks, she's getting pretty heavy already, Drake.

  3. Very big girl!! She does look ready for school!

    Found your link over at LOL...following you now. COme by when you get a chance closertolucy.blogspot.com

  4. Dipdip is so cute and fragile. She looks like a delicate crystal. Her hair is very suitable for her. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. oh, i love parenting blogs and your little one is adorable. great pics of her.

    i hope we can follow each other

  6. i wonder why im not following you yet. baka mali lang? hehe.

    this mommy moments is interesting. pa follow din ha.


  7. Congrats for having a really cute baby :)