too early for what?

It's too early for her to go to school but my one year and two months' old toddler looks like she's excited to go to school. LOL.

small girl going to school?

What's up with the pink bag? Well, it's called a back-to-school gift from the makers of Enfagrow, her milk formula. You buy the milk, you get that bag. They also included some school supplies inside (paper, pencil, notebook, crayons, etc.). Now, I'm beginning to imagine her going to school. I wish she would really do well in school and land on a scholarship!

Oh, you're not going to school. You're going to the neighbor's house!

Oh, she really makes my heart melt with joy...

She really loves the outdoors. She knows when it's already time to go outside. If we don't let her enjoy the outdoors, then we had better prepare for her toddler tantrums. :-)


  1. she's so cute and seems like she's ready for school :)

  2. She's really cute with her school get up. She can always pretend and imagine that she is actually going to school, lol. That way, she will have the feel of how it is to go to a regular school. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. LOL...let her run outdoors a bit. It's good to get some Vitamin D from the sun. ;) Not too long though!

    She's so adorable in her outfit! I love that red n' white outfit she's got on. What a cute little fashionista! ;) Are you ready for school, Dipx2?

  4. hahaha, ang cute naman! pakurot nga, baby! ;)

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  6. hahaha ang cute...the things they do at this age always surprises me. sometimes i'm amazed at how much they understand :)