how I made her happy on Valentine's Day

If I had it my way, I would have celebrated Valentine's Day on a dinner date with husband and daughter. However, since it was a work day for both of us and a school day for the little girl, husband and I decided we should just simply celebrate it at home. After all the traffic I went through on my way home from work, celebrating it at home only justified it as the most practical and cost-effective idea. I brought home dinner and dessert for the three of us. I also brought with me the Valentine balloon that I received at work. All the ladies in the office practically received one from our boss; and while almost everyone just left their balloons as decoration in their respective cubicles, I thought of bringing mine at home because I know it would make my little girl happy. True enough, she was jumping with joy when she saw me at the doorstep with the red balloon. In return, she also gave me and her papa the Valentine card that she made in school.

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