Lighting Up Your Life and Your Home

The correct sort of lighting can make a big difference to the ambiance of a room. Finding the right the first is quite easy really, once you know what you need to watch out for.

Here are a few recommendations on finding the best ceiling light which may enhance your d├ęcor and well as give you the right type of lighting for that room.

Points To Consider

The height of the ceiling can make a massive difference to the perfect lighting for any room. You will be able to select a hanging light having a chain suspension or a pendant which hangs quite a distance from the ceiling if the ceiling is 8 feet high or more. Before making your purchase, the measurements of these fittings do not generally include the chain so think of that.

When the ceiling is slightly less than 8 feet however you may be better to choose a semi flush fitted light fixture. This kind of light doesn’t have a chain but may be suspended by a rod or mount.

In case your ceiling height is lower than 7 feet 6 inches however you really should consider a flush light fitting. There are many flush light fittings to choose from that make a nice centerpiece for the room.

Before you even think of choosing a light for your ceiling remember to study the height from it first - it can save a lot of headaches for the taller members of the family.

Referring To Style

The next thing you need to take into consideration is the style you wish to achieve at home. Do you want something contemporary and modern or something more traditional? Do you are now living in a modern property with an Art Deco vibe or a traditional farmhouse which dates back several decades?


Try to keep the style of light fittings the same as the styles of your entire furnishings. You have to choose a light fitting which fits in nicely with your home and not something which is super trendy just because it is the newest fashion. Trends and fashions come and go but a nicely chosen light fitting can blend in nicely to your home and also be an attractive and functional feature for lots of years as opposed to becoming out-dated and out from style.

Have You Thought About The Size

To set it plainly the general dimensions of your light fitting will determine how much illumination will shine down into the room. A chandelier with three lights will almost always be considered a smaller fitting than a five lighted chandelier so remember to check out the diameter of any fittings you fancy.

Diameter is really a thing to be taken into consideration. A mild fitting with a larger diameter will have the bulbs spread apart further and emit the light further into the corners of the room. Larger rooms need larger light fittings as a general rule to hold more light bulbs and emit more light.

The amount of illumination you have in your room is down to personal choice and is also determined by just what the room is commonly used for. Whereas you may be satisfied with a gentle, soft and subdued lighting in the bedroom you may prefer to have brighter illumination in the living room for when you want to learn or take steps else which requires plenty of focus.

There are plenty of different lighting options available at http://yescomusa.com. Have a see and look what takes your fancy remembering all of the tips above.


because it's time to catch up

Last year, our life as parents became even more challenging than the previous year. We had to work doubly hard to be able to provide for the needs of our daughter. We also made some important career decisions that would later benefit our little pre-schooler.

I know I've been on blogging hiatus for several months already but I look forward to become more productive again when life would already give me the right balance.

For now, I just have to be content with whatever time I have for this writing/blogging hobby of mine. Blogging about our life as parents (and sometimes on other stuff) gives me an opportunity to preserve some important memories and events that I would later show to my daughter when she's old enough to read and understand them. I want her to know how proud I am for having her as my daughter. And even though we could not always give her what she wants, we will make sure she is provided with all that she would need to become a better person one day.

Just last month, she celebrated her birthday. We couldn't believe we're now dealing with a 6-year old. Oh, where did the time go?


the persistent Queen Elsa wannabe

Here's my persistent Queen Elsa wannabe singing her heart out with the song "Let It Go" from the Disney's Frozen movie.

She is still not able to perfectly get the lyrics right but she's working on it. After all, she's only 5 years old. Just recently, I helped her out by printing the complete lyrics. Now that she already knows how to read, she will be able to sing the lyrics to this song right next time. I think I also forgot to mention that she once sang this song with some fellow Nursery students (who are also Elsa wannabes) during their moving up ceremony. I remembered she's supposed to share her microphone with another classmate on stage but she drew herself very close to the wire music stand like she's just performing this song alone. There was nothing I could do at that time but enjoy the scene. Afterwards, I lectured her about sharing the microphone with co-performers.


what good moms do

Just what does it take to be considered a good mom? Apparently, in order to be part of this tribe, it's as easy as learning our A-B-C's. Here's something I found on Pinterest. I realized I've been practically doing some of these things on the list. So, I'm almost there. Hopefully, I should be able to apply what I've missed out on.
Gotta do what the good moms do! :-)


feeling so loved every single day

One of the best and the greatest feelings I have as a mother is knowing that someone is always eagerly waiting for me to come home. Besides my husband, I am feeling so greatly loved by my daughter! This is the reason why I am inspired and motivated to complete everything I needed to do at work so I can also resume doing my next role at home, that of being a mother. This is something I look forward to every single day and something that gives a huge smile to my face. When she starts to plant kisses on my cheek, any symptoms of weariness I may have at that time completely goes away. I most definitely find fulfillment in being a mother. I am quite grateful to God for letting me raise a wonderful and terrific daughter.


went home scared

Yesterday, the little girl was out to play with the kids at the neighbor's house, just a few steps in front of ours. It was already an afternoon routine for her and her playmates. Not long after she went out, she went home scared and crying. One of her playmates informed me that one of the older kids showed her a toy that really looked like a real snake. Boy, she was shaking, sweaty and in so much tears! The kid (a girl) who scared her with the toy went to the house and apologized and explained to her and us that it's nothing real because it's just a toy. She showed it again in front of her. Feeling assured, she has already calmed down and was ready to play again after I let her drink some water. I told the kid that regardless that it's a toy, she shouldn't play with it (although it's really her choice) because she might see a real one and think that it is still a toy and not mind picking it up. She said, she has already seen a real one.Tough one! Reminded her not to do that again to my daughter because she's scared of it. Anyway, when the kid left, my daughter Dippy told me she shouldn't have bought a toy like that. Jesus will not be happy seeing her play with a creepy toy like that. One way or the other, I really thought she made sense. Oh, the wisdom of a five-year old!