will it work for me?

A couple of weeks ago, we had Zumba sessions at work. I appreciated it that the company I worked for has initiated this activity. We didn't have a Zumba trainor but we were provided with a video of an easy workout routine which was fed through a projector screen. I was close to liking the activity but the sessions have abruptly stopped because the venue we were using then was no longer available. There were also times that some of us would skip the sessions because of a work deadline. So, perhaps not being able to enjoy Zumba a bit longer at work was already bound to happen. Now, I think I'll have to resume doing Zumba sessions at home. Keeping myself fit and healthy has been such a challenge for many years now. Someone suggested that I should also try if an 8 hour detox will work for me. Right now, I'm still having second thoughts because I'm not sure if I would be able to sustain it.

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