warming the feet for a better sleep

Can't sleep well and better at night? I've actually learned a lot of tips and ideas from my late mom when it comes to sleeping aids and preparations. When taking a refreshing shower, drinking a glass of milk and saying your prayers before bedtime don't seem to work anymore, you may want to check on your sleepwear, too. Sometimes, when you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, it may actually prevent you from getting a good sleep. Sometimes, a blanket is not enough because you will still feel the coldness and restlessness of your feet. As for me, because I am privileged to be in this part of the world where it is not really too chilly at home (we are not using aircon as well), I put on a pair of socks as foot warmers and these are already enough to warm and calm my feet. Depending on the temperature, others may need more than just ordinary socks to keep their feet warm.

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