the music in my heart

What should I get my wonderful husband? It is going to be his birthday in a few days. Suddenly, I thought about the guitar I've long been planning to get him. Yes, my quest for a good guitar to buy hasn't ended yet. I thought it would be nice to get him the kind of guitar that he really likes so he would be very eager to learn how to play the instrument. Hopefully, pretty soon, he would be able to play even just one song really well and serenade me in one of those years that we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary. It should be romantic, right? Wishful thinking! Perhaps I can write a love song and come up with a good melody and then he can play it for me. Hearts! hearts! hearts! :-) This year, though, I don't see it happening yet. And I think I'm going too far with my thoughts. After all, he said he needs more than just a crash course on the basics of playing the guitar.

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