remembering my childhood through an old picture

I am so glad my mom took good care of our old photos, especially those pictures of my childhood. I want to show them to my little Dippy so she can see how I look like back when I was as young as her. There are photos that I can say for sure that she looks like me or I look like her. Sometimes, when she looks at one particular photo, she would surprise me by asking if it was her. If I would tell her that it was me in the picture, she would insist that it was her. Below is a picture I dug in my drawer today that kept me somewhat smiling today because I have remembered my childhood.

I believe mom was the one who took this picture (me in green)

Looking at this picture sends me back to the summer times when our family and some friends would usually go to the beach to unwind. At the beach, we would take a whole day swimming, eating, and singing along while someone in the family or a friend plays the guitar. This picture is just one souvenir from one of those enjoyable beach times I had with family and my parents' close friends.

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