preparing for a family beach outing

The other night, my husband received a call from mother-in-law. She called to inform him/us about an important itinerary that we shouldn't miss this month - the annual family beach outing. It was so sweet of her to have called to make sure that we could be available on a particular day. We were told we were going far South this month but the specific beach venue is still something that needs a final say. Wherever that is, as long as the family is together on this activity, I'm sure it's going to be fun.

When the little girl learned about the beach outing, she got really excited. In fact, last night, she has already decided what outfit to wear to the beach. Thanks to the little girl, husband and I realized that there are things we needed to prepare for this family beach activity. Last year, we forgot to bring our own sunblock. That's quite a major offense, indeed. It was a good thing that one auntie brought one with her - but it was just a small bottle that needs to be shared with everybody. Yes, that's how prepared we were last year. :-) This year, we need to be a little more prepared. It's definitely time to check on important stuffs we needed to bring to the beach . This weekend, we intend to score a kiddie life jacket for my daughter. I also wish our beach budget for this summer still has room for a marc jacobs sunglasses but I guess this can wait until the next scheduled beach activity or until all other priority purchases are made.

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