on keeping myself protected when traveling alone

When I learned about my husband's plan to resign from the company we are both working for, one of the many things that come to my head is my safety. I told him I am no longer used to traveling to work and to go home alone. It just won't feel comfortable anymore to leave the house and the office without him. I feel paranoid about my security as I am used to riding the motorcycle with him and trust his driving skills to send us both to safety. Now, what I am particularly worried about is when I would go home by myself from the office in the evening. After having experienced being robbed on the road many years ago, I would often feel paranoid that someone is following me whenever I am traveling alone. So, I asked husband that if he has no plans of fetching me at the office, he had better provide me with the best pepper spray so I can better protect myself whenever I feel like I am in danger and have no one to ask for help.

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