on educating our children

We really appreciate it a lot that most schools nowadays are encouraging parents to work closely with their teachers when it comes to educating kids. After all, we are expected to know our kids' behavior better than they do. Because of that familiarity with our kids' attitude, we parents should know better how to discipline our kids and to get them to diligently do what is expected of them academically. In the case of our daughter who is taking a summer class in writing, we can't really expect her to quickly absorb all the techniques being taught by her teacher at once. Usually, it takes some practice for her to be able to write correctly. Her summer class is just for a month. This is certainly not long enough to cover everything. This is why we are also expected to polish what she has learned in school and to motivate her to improve her writing. With that, we are thankful for teachers who try to make sure that our kids have assignments to do at home so that we parents can also find the time to teach them and to monitor their progress.

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