what did you wear to your prom?

Just today, I got the chance to look at my old photos during high school. Gosh, I thought I 'was' pretty and  cute at that time. Now, if you look at me today, cute is no longer a word to describe me and I almost wouldn't pass for 'pretty'. Notice that I said 'almost' because I have to believe that I am pretty in my own right so that I would still feel good about myself despite being trapped into a bigger body. :-)

Thankfully, even with this picture below, my little girl still recognized me and I don't know why because, with my size right now, I totally looked differently awful! So, I was surprised when she pointed at me wearing a black and flowery printed prom dress. 

At that time, we didn't have a lot of money to spend for a lavish outfit, so I settled for a simple dress to match my simple make up. I also remembered there weren't a lot of ready-made prom dresses that I find comfortable to wear. Good thing, a classmate recommended a dressmaker that didn't charge a lot.

For those moms with daughters who will be attending their proms next year, it should be a good idea to help them plan on what to wear as early as now. And if your daughter is somewhere around my size, she may want to wear a 2013 plus size prom dress. There are a lot of affordable, comfortable and stylish dresses there that can surely transform her into a prom queen.

As  a parent, I am also looking forward to helping my daughter prepare for her high school prom but it's too early to discuss it now because she's not even entered kindergarten yet. :-)

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