because it's time to catch up

Last year, our life as parents became even more challenging than the previous year. We had to work doubly hard to be able to provide for the needs of our daughter. We also made some important career decisions that would later benefit our little pre-schooler.

I know I've been on blogging hiatus for several months already but I look forward to become more productive again when life would already give me the right balance.

For now, I just have to be content with whatever time I have for this writing/blogging hobby of mine. Blogging about our life as parents (and sometimes on other stuff) gives me an opportunity to preserve some important memories and events that I would later show to my daughter when she's old enough to read and understand them. I want her to know how proud I am for having her as my daughter. And even though we could not always give her what she wants, we will make sure she is provided with all that she would need to become a better person one day.

Just last month, she celebrated her birthday. We couldn't believe we're now dealing with a 6-year old. Oh, where did the time go?

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