went home scared

Yesterday, the little girl was out to play with the kids at the neighbor's house, just a few steps in front of ours. It was already an afternoon routine for her and her playmates. Not long after she went out, she went home scared and crying. One of her playmates informed me that one of the older kids showed her a toy that really looked like a real snake. Boy, she was shaking, sweaty and in so much tears! The kid (a girl) who scared her with the toy went to the house and apologized and explained to her and us that it's nothing real because it's just a toy. She showed it again in front of her. Feeling assured, she has already calmed down and was ready to play again after I let her drink some water. I told the kid that regardless that it's a toy, she shouldn't play with it (although it's really her choice) because she might see a real one and think that it is still a toy and not mind picking it up. She said, she has already seen a real one.Tough one! Reminded her not to do that again to my daughter because she's scared of it. Anyway, when the kid left, my daughter Dippy told me she shouldn't have bought a toy like that. Jesus will not be happy seeing her play with a creepy toy like that. One way or the other, I really thought she made sense. Oh, the wisdom of a five-year old!

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